Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Yearning Hi

Bambo was only supposed to say hi to Poggy. Poggy was in the same room as Bambo. But Mucker was in the other room.

"Hmm I know that Mucker is in the other room. Maybe I'll go say hi to Mucker... but hmm but what if I shouldn't..." said Bambo to himself. To himself, ya see? Poggy couldn't hear.

Bambo did not know if Poggy would be mad if Bambo went and said hi to Mucker. But what if Poggy got mad? That would be a real risk to take.

"Hi I'm Mucker and I'm in this room here!" said Mucker from the other room.
"Damn damn damn damn. Sounds like it would be so easy to go in there and say hi to Mucker." said Bambo again to himself so Poggy could not hear.

Bambo thought more. Maybe he could try saying hi to Poggy. Maybe that would be an okay thing to do.

"Hi Poggy." said Bambo.
"Hm?" said Poggy.
"Hi." said Bambo.
"We said hi hours ago, why would you say hi now?" said Poggy.
"Um." said Bambo.

Then Ugbert walked by the door where Bambo and Poggy were. He popped his head in the room.
"Hi!" said Ugbert.
"Hi!" said Bambo. Bambo was relieved he got to say hi to someone.

Poggy didn't say any hi or anything.

"Hi!" said Ugbert again. Then he kept walking in the hallway.
"I am looking for more people to say hi to!" Ugbert shouted.
"Hi I'm Mucker and I'm in this room and wanting to say hi too!" shouted Mucker.

Then Ugbert went into the room with Mucker and said hi a bunch. Bambo shifted in his seat, wishing he could join in with their hi saying. He turned to Poggy again.

"Hi." he said.
"Huh?" said Poggy.

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