Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Scrazzo the Monster

James was scared to go to bed because of Scrazzo the scary monster who wasn't actually that scary but people still thought he was scary.

"Oh no, not bed time again. Every time it's bed time I'm terrified... because of Scrazzo." said James.
"Hey it's me Scrazzo."
"Ahh... Mom!!" screamed James.

James ran out of the room and ran into his mom's room. But he wasn't a kid. He was a forty year old man and his mom was living with him because he took care of her. So when he ran in her room it wasn't the same as when he ran in her room as a ten year old.

"Mom I'm scared!"
"I'm old." said Mom.
"Sigh..." said Scrazzo, because he wasn't very threatening.

Scrazzo knocked on Mom's room door.

"Eh hem... hey listen it's me Scrazzo the monster. Listen I'm not actually that scary."
"Oh god you're scary so scary help me!" said James.
"No listen I'm not scary." said Scrazzo.
"But your voice sounds monstery." said James.
"Someone feed me." said Mom.
"My voice just sounds like this." said Scrazzo in his scratchy monster grumble.
"Oh okay. Well wanna come in here and hang out?" said James.
"I do. I'm bored." said Scrazzo.

Then The Monster Boppers burst through the door.

"Freeze!" said the Monster Boppers!
"Aghhh!" said Scrazzo.

Then they tried zapping at Scrazzo with their Neurton Zappers. Luckily they missed.
"Hey Monster Boppers! Scrazzo is my friend. I'm not scared of him."
"Oh cool phew sorry bout trying to zap him." said the Monster Boppers.

Then they all made friends and talked about shopping for shoes.

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