Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Secret to Everything

"I just feel like he doesn't listen to anything I say anymore." Sandy said.
"That's not true I am a great listener. I feel like she's always interrupting me." said Jason, her husband
"If I do it's because you repeat yourself all the time and I've heard it already." said Sandy.
"I feel like we are just hitting a dead end." said Jason.

Jason and Sandy sat there quietly just soaking in the tension. The therapist spoke.

"It sounds like you guys just aren't on the same wavelength right now. That's what I'm hearing." said the therapist.
"I feel like we've tried everything." said Jason.
"Hmm. Have you seen Mad Max: Fury Road?" asked the therapist.
"No." said Sandy.
"Not yet. I heard it's good." said Jason.
"It's awesome." said the therapist, "go see it."

Gary had been experiencing some pains and inflammation in his joints, due to over-fatiguing himself, as well from a bit of rheumatism and arthritis. Dr. Pataki examined him thoroughly and thought it best to prescribe a combination of prednisone and methylprednisolone, to be taken only as directed and not to exceed the prescribed dosage. He also highly suggested Gary go immediately to a screening of Mad Max: Fury Road.
"You can even go see matinee, doesn't matter. Just go." said Dr. Pataki.

Christin was making a cake for Giovanni.
"I love a nice moist cake!" said Giovanni.
"I can't wait to bake this for you!" said Christin.

Christin used eggs, butter, flour, sugar, and also went to see Mad Mad: Fury Road and the cake turned out the be the best cake Giovanni had ever had.

"Wow this cake was so delicious, Christin. What was your secret ingredient?"
"I can't reveal."
"Please, you must!"
"Okay fine. It was Mad Mad: Fury Road."
"Gasp! I knew it! That was my favorite part!" said Giovanni.

Jason, Sandy, Gary, Christin, Giovanni, and these two warring countries that had a broken peace treaty for 30 years, all went to see Mad Max: Fury Road and thought it was really really awesome.

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