Thursday, May 7, 2015

Little Patty Was Too Big

Little Patty looked like a little bitty cookie. Little Patty was tired of hearing that those. It was an obvious thing to state. Little Patty wanted to go splish splash in the little bitty butty puddle. It was a tiny little puddle on the ground and Big Patty was like "No no no that puddle is going to get your clean sneakies all wet."

"Aw Big Patty takes away all the fun."
"Aw well Little Patty it can't all be fun."
"Big this puddle is gonna dry up and I won't have gotted to splish and splosh on it!"
"That's just part of the hard facts of life, huh, Little Patty?"
"Boo Hoo." said Little Patty.

Then they went on home and nibble on some corn. When they finished that, Big Patty went and punched on some putty. It got molded into a kooky shape. It looked like a big anteater.

"This is my masterwork." said Big Patty.
"Yeah, yeah it's great." said Little Patty, "Keep makin' it."

And Big Patty's ego got inflated by the encouragement so it created a distraction. Then Little Patty ran outside and found another puddle to splish splosh in. Little Patty started getting too excited and saw a light turn on in a building across the street and wondered if it was from the noise and excitement.

Then Little Patty snuck back inside, Big Patty was still at it with the putty pounding.

"Oh yes! I'm the best."
"That's right keep going." said Little Patty, tiptoe-sloshing.

Then Little Patty started to feel a cold coming on. Uh oh. Little Patty lay in bed breathing and the breathing felt so loud Little Patty felt frightened and wondered if someone else was in the room, but no, it was just Little Patty's breathing through clogged ears. On top of the cold Little Patty's sneakies were all wet and dirty. Little Patty was perplexed. Why that soil and discomfort?

Who can say whether Little Patty made the wrong choice. Little Patty went to town hall to make a speech the next day.

"Are sneakies not to be wettied and dirtied? Are noses not to be sniffled, while ears get clogged? What is this world?! Shall we not speak of it?" said Little Patty to the town hall gallery.
"You look a cookie, hehe." said Schmucko.
"Hehe, yeah a cookie!" said others.

It was a small town.

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