Monday, May 11, 2015

The Buttcrack Bunch

"Hi I'm a plumber!" said Buttcrack Joe.
"Hi I'm a garbage man!" said Buttcrack Eddie.
"Hi I'm a butcher!" said Buttcrack Frankie.
"Hi I'm a proctologist!" said Buttcrack Jerry.
"Hi I'm a hairstylist!" said Buttcrack Judy.

Then kids walked by.

"Hehe look at all those losers with their buttcracks hanging out." said the kids.
"Hey you kids show us respect!" said Buttcrack Joe.
"Yeah right, we won't show you respect haha!" said teenager kids.

Then teenage kids grew up to be Buttcrack Al and Buttcrack Tom.

"I never thought I'd be Buttcrack Tom."
"I never thought I'd be Buttcrack Al, I'll be honest."
"Hey by the way, it's really good to see you and catch up." said Buttcrack Tom.

Buttcrack Tom and Al hadn't seen each other since they were around teen age.

"I've got to be honest I felt sad when we lost touch after college." said Buttcrack Tom.
"I did too. I wrote you a letter and never heard back." said Buttcrack Al.
"I moved a lot around that time. I'm sorry if I didn't get it or didn't get a chance to respond to you." said Buttcrack Tom.
"I forgive you. It was a long time ago and maybe was out of your hands." said Al.
"It was definitely out of my buttcrack." said Tom.

A lot of life stuff had happened as they grew into buttcrack people. Then some teenage kids walked by.

"Haha look at the buttcrack losers!" said one of the kids.
"Hey one of those losers is my dad, don't say that!" said one of the other kids. It was Buttcrack Al's son.

"I'm proud of my son." said Buttcrack Al.
"Buttcrack Al, it seems like you learned from our mistakes and you've done well in life if you can raise such a fine young man as that. I'm still trying to learn from my mistakes as a youth." said Buttcrack Tom.
"There's always time, Buttcrack Tom." said Buttcrack Al.

Buttcrack Tom went back to school to study economic theory.

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