Thursday, May 28, 2015

Party with a Sombrero

Hank drank at the festive bar with his friend Fred. Hank was wearing a sombrero.

"Yo yo yo yo want to try on my sombrero?" said Hank.
"Yes!" said Fred.

Fred had a small head. Fred tried on the sombrero.

"It's too big!" said Fred.
"Aw too bad!" said Hank.

They were both drinking a lot of alcohol. Then Judith walked up. She had a big head.

"Hey Judith want to try on my sombrero?" said Hank.
"It's too big for me." said Fred.
"I want to try it on!" said Judith.

Judith tried it on and it was too big for her too.

"Hey this is crazy. This sombrero is too big for you and it's too big for you too! Even though you both--" Hank was gonna say they have different sized heads, but then he suddenly became nervous that he was going to offend both of them for commenting on their physical appearances. He made a quick save. "--like sombreros?" said Hank. Phew that was close.

"I do like sombreros!" said Fred.
"I like them too!" said Judith.
"You know what I just learned?" said Hank.
"What?" they said.
"Sombreros are big!" said Hank.
"Yeah you're right! Hehe." they said.

Then they went back to drinking. Judith did a handstand and almost hit her head because it was heavy. Fred popped his head through the narrow bars of a gate. Hank tried for years to figure out how he could apply that lesson that sombreros were big to other parts of his life and he never figured it out.

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