Friday, May 22, 2015

Terrio the Issue Conscious Dude

Shannon, Dugan, and Terrio the Issue Conscious Dude sat in a coffee shop together. Terrio was really sucking down the coffee and holding in his jitters.

"Well we had better go." said Shannon.
"Yeah." said Dugan.
"We've gotta pick up Mackenzie from school." said Shannon.
"She's got a little ballet recital tonight, and the Mayor is supposed to be there." Dugan, smiling.

Terrio had too much coffee and he really went off.

"Let me just say somethin' about these bureaucratic mothersuckers in office who think they can walk all over us like a bunch of slumlords man I'm going to war bastards cuz I'm a warrior and I'm takin' on these pig-eyed reptiles watchin' over society who think they can just starve us all suckin' on Mother Nature's teet, drowning themselves in our natural resources and the full grown babies whinin' about who's the most marginalized group, lemme tell ya that teet is getting mighty chaffed, better see a doctor about it, better see a witch doctor, Western medicine ain't gonna cure ya, baby. I'll tell ya whose the most marginalized group--PEOPLE! You know what I'm talkin' about? Because we got a serious economic growth problem in this country and everyone's askin' for a handout but no one wants to put in the work to hand out the handouts because the government's pumpin' asbestos in my lungs but we're too busy cryin' about the no smoking section, you hear?!?"

Then Terrio had to take a breath because he hadn't done that for a minute. Dugan and Shannon cleared their throat.
"Hey Terrio, take it easy." said Dugan.
"Oh sorry... too much coffee, heheh." said Terrio, playing it off.
"Do you think it's from an ethical bean?" asked Shannon.

Terrio's face went red. He didn't know. Then he was embarrassed and started running away and ran into the park in the pond and jumped in and swam to the middle where there was the most scum and mud and he felt like he belonged there.

"My life has no meaning! I don't know what to do with myself. I'm wasting my time and I waste everyone's time and I'm a waste. I failed. I'm a failure and I solve nothing!" he cried to himself.

Then a duck swam by.

"Quack." said the duck.
"Oh, heh, sorry duck. Too much coffee." said Terrio.

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