Monday, May 18, 2015

The Flats

Gadoodle was driving and got himself a flat tire.
"Oh great! Of course this happens to me! I got a flat tire! Why Lord? Of all the people you gotta pick on, you pick me??" said Gadoodle.

He sat there, huffed and puffed, then he remembered he had his bike in his van.
"Ooh nevermind Lord I got my bike!" he said.

Then he pulled out his bike and started riding.
"Ahh I love this breeze in my face, great choice to ride this bike." he said.

As he rode up the road he approached a little mini-music festival that sounded groovy.
"Like these tunes." he said to himself.

Then his rode over a tack and his bike tire ran out of air.
"Oh geez louise! A flat bike tire? Thanks a lot Lord!" said Gadoodle. He was being sarcastic. He much rather would have not had a flat bike tire.

"Now what?" he said to himself and the world around him. Then he heard more of those tunes jammin' out.
"These are pretty good tunes though." he said.
"You know what, Lord? I think I'm in just the right place. I dig these tunes." he said again.

He approached the music fest and found a groovin' tent where he could dance. This was lookin' and soundin' pretty good to Gadoodle. He found a floor full of cool hip folks groovin' away and cuttin' up the dance floor. He was enthused to join in.

"Yes, yes, yessing, this is a blessing!" he said.

Gadoodle set foot on the dance floor and started shakin' his body and wigglin' his feet. Something wasn't right. People were clearing out of the way. Gadoodle couldn't dance.

"Aww great! I got flat feet!" said Gadoodle. He felt embarrassed. No one else dancing seemed to mind though, they were too into groovin' to the music.
"I'm embarrassed, this stinks!" said Gadoodle.
"But wait a second... something good should be happening any second, right Lord? Right?" said Gadoodle.

Then his feet literally deflated.

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