Monday, May 25, 2015

The Inheritance

Randolph, Frosticia, Shepard and Devinicus were the children of Andopoli Marcona, the plum juice magnate, who was on his deathbed. His children anxiously awaited his death as they all expected a healthy inheritance.

Andopoli lay in his bed and prepared for his final breath. It was on it's way. Just before his passed he spoke: "Daffodil Petal!" then he threw his final toss.

"Daffodil Petal?" said Randolph.
"What's that mean?" said Frosticia.
"Did he say petal or pedal?" said Shepard.
"When do we hear the will?" said Devinicus.

The next week the estate attorney Hobson Schmutzberg assembled the bereaved.
"It's nice to see you all, I'm sorry it's under such circumstances." said Hobson Schmutzberg.
"Yes yes... grumble grumble... money... read..." said the children.

Hobson got to reading.
"Bla bla bla... my dear family... bla bla bla... Always happy... my late wife Karen... bla bla bla..."

The grown children listened intently waiting for the sums of money they would reap.
"Bla bla bla... And my fortune, all my money... every penny of it... will go to my dear secret lover John Fernandez."

The children were outraged.
"Well call me if you need anything." said Hobson Schmutzberg.

They children fought and screamed and cried. They wanted that money. Devinicus hatched a plan and the other children followed suit. They were buddy up with John Fernandez and do everything for him to ensure they would get their inheritance when he departed.

"I not your daddy lover, just so you know. But he do give me the money." said John Fernandez.
"Yes of course. We don't judge, we think you're great."
"I like his plum juice and I using the money because I collect chairs. I gonna buy a new chair now." said John.
"Great!" said the children angrily through a false smile.

Then years went by and they served John's every need and John took ill and died.

"Hey Kids, good to see you again! Sorry under sad circumstances." said Hobson Schmutzberg.
"The will!" said the kids.
"Of course... bla bla bla... loved my chairs... they go to... bla bla bla... chairs are so great. I love to sit in them.. bla bla bla... and my fortune... it goes to my secert private lover Harry Poodleterrier."
"What!?!" said the kids.
"Always a pleasure to see you." said Schmutzberg.

Then the kids saddled up to Harry Poodleterrier to get in on that inheritance.
"Hi I like to sneeze and wipe myself with money!" said Harry.

Then the grown kids all died before they could find out if Harry would leave them anything.
"What was my life?!" said Randolph, before he went.

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