Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Unsatisfying Italian Kitchen

The Italian kitchen was full of bitchin'. Everybody tossed a little spice and it wasn't always nice. People came there when they had an appetite for more than just a little bite. They foods were they only things to have a bite. Sometimes you might find a personality with a bit of a bite, am I right?

"I want some salad dressing, could I get it light?"
"Get outta here, unless you're lookin' for a fight!" said Lynn Guini.

The kitchen was unsatisfyin', if someone said it wasn't they'd be lyin'. That story's just a simple sample of the Italian kitchen, to set the stage with a little bit of sage.

One day, Tanya Lasagna made some pizza for Pete who couldn't eat.

"I can't eat!" said Pete.
"Aw why can't you eat?"
"Cuz your pizza got meat!"
"What about spaghetti?" said Tanya Lasagna.
"I want spaghetti." said Spaghetti Eddie.
"I can't eat meat!" said Pete.
"What about pizza?" said Tanya Lasagna.
"Does that pizza have meat?" said Pete.
"Well the pizza has meat, but I made it for you to eat."
"I repeat! I can't eat your pizza!" said Pete.
"I'll eat the pizza." said Spaghetti Eddie.
"But don't you want spaghetti?" said Pete.
"I do want spaghetti but you won't eat meat."
"What if the spaghetti has meat?" said Pete.

Tanya Lasagna talked to the pizza and the spaghetti.

"You have meat, pizza. But you, spaghetti, don't have any on ya!" said Tanya Lasagna.
"Thanks for trying to make peace." said Pete to Spaghetti Eddie.

And that settled it. Pete ate the spaghetti and Spaghetti Eddie ate the pizza with meat. And no one was really satisfied completely.

Tanya Lasagna sat down and ate some pork ramen followed by an apple fritter.

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