Monday, January 12, 2015

Jerry Worry Goes to a Wedding

Jerry Worry got invited to a wedding that said to wear all black on the invitation. The day of the wedding came. Jerry pulled out his black suit.
"Uh oh." said Jerry.

There was a yellow stain on his black pants. He wet it down. It didn't come off. He went to pull out another pair of black pants from his drawer.
"Where are they?!" he said.

He couldn't find them. He checked his hamper. They were dirty.
"Oh no!" said Jerry.

Jerry didn't have time to wash either pair of black pants. Jerry scrambled. Jerry panicked. Jerry worried. Jerry had no choice but to wear brown pants. But what would everyone at the wedding think? Would they hate him? Would the friends of the bride and groom think he was ruining the affair? What would the bride and the groom think of Jerry? Surely they were going to regret inviting him.

Jerry went to the wedding with his brown pants.
"Everyone sees my pants, everyone sees my pants, everyone sees my pants." was racing through his brain.
"Jerry!" shouted Marv Happelman, as he approached Jerry.

Uh, oh. Marv's very observant. Was Marv going to say something about Jerry's pants? Jerry hoped he wouldn't.

"You look great, Jerry. It's gonna be a beautiful ceremony, isn't it?"
"Thank you. Yes." muttered Jerry.
"I'll see ya in a little, babe." said Marv as he walked away.

Well that was damn close. Jerry got off easy.

Now was time for the ceremony to start. Jerry had taken the corner seat of the back row. So no one would look at his pants. The ceremony went off without a hitch. Except for a slight snafu were the best man, Herman Waxler, almost fumbled the ring, jokingly. Everyone laughed. Jerry wanted to laugh but he was so darn nervous that he was going to get in trouble for having the wrong pants.

Now was time to eat. Everyone clamored for the nosh. It was quite a spread. Judy Cornhouse spilled shrimp sauce on Richie Dittelman's trousers. Everyone laughed. Then Jerry noticed that Richie was wearing all blue. Pants and jacket.
"Great wedding!" shouted Richie.

Jerry had worried so much about his pants color. Richie didn't seem to care. This wasn't fair. Jerry Worry was relieved none the less. He spent the rest of the evening socializing and yucking it up. Every one of his conversations was about how he was nervous because he wore the wrong color of pants.

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