Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Drowning

Mel walked alongside the river.
"Hey." said Bert.
"Oh hi." said Mel.
"Can you help me? I'm drowning." said Bert.

Bert was in the river and splashing around slapping the water.
"Oh no, be careful."
"Get me a branch." said Bert.

Mel handed him a branch.
"No you're supposed to hold on to the branch while I grab it."
"Oh sorry, I'm new to this." said Mel.
"That's okay. Try again but don't let go." said Bert.
"Here hold on to this." Mel held out a stick.

Bert grabbed it but it broke.
"That was more of a stick." said Bert.
"Oh sorry, I guess you're right."
"I'm sorry to bug, could you try again?" asked Bert.
"Sure it's no problem. I'm happy to help."

Mel went and looked for a branch nearby.
"I'm not running away, I'm just looking for a good branch."
"I can still see you, don't worry." said Bert.
"So, is this your first time drowning?" asked Mel as he searched.
"Nah, happens all the time."
"You can't swim?"
"I've just been so busy lately, hard to find time to fit in lessons."
"I totally get it, I've been swamped lately." said Mel.

Then Mel found a big heavy branch and dragged it to river.
"How's this branch?" asked Mel.
"Perfect, I think it will save my life. Let me give it a try."
Bert grabbed it and pulled himself out of the river.

"Hey thanks for saving my life." said Bert.
"Oh sure no problem."
"I'm Bert."
"I'm Mel."

They shook hands.
"You sure looked scared in there." said Mel.
"I was. Man it was scary."

All of the sudden, Bert slipped and fell back in the river.

"Oh no I am drowning again." said Bert.
"Oh no." said Mel.
"Can you save me?"
"Gosh, Bert. I am supposed to be meeting someone, do you mind if I take off?"
"Yeah that's cool, man. See ya!"
"Sorry about that." said Mel.
"No prob." said Bert.

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