Friday, January 30, 2015

Susie's Grave Error

Rocker Jim sang his rockin' song from the stage.

"Hey Babe, I like to rock arou-hound!"

Susie Sandwichhead sang along. She was a huge Rocker Jim fan. She was with her friends Martha Teeshirt and Judy Stool. They were best friends, but were also competitive with each other over who was the biggest fan of Rocker Jim. Susie Sandwichhead was sure it was her. While Martha and Judy danced to the music, Susie sang along.

"Hey Babe, I like to rock arou-hound!" she sang.
"Rockin's great for when you're feelin' dow-hown!"
"Rockin's great for when you're feelin' down!" she sang at the same time as Rocker Jim.

Susie Sandwichhead sang extra loud so that Martha and Judy would be impressed by her knowing the lyrics.

"I like a cute girl with the cool, cool shoes!" sang Rocker Jim. And at the same time Susie sang,
"I like a cute girl with the cool, cool hair!"

This was a mistake. The lyric wasn't hair. It was shoes. How could Susie get that wrong? As soon as she sang it she realized she'd made a mistake. Susie had been certain she knew most of Rocker Jim's lyrics. She flaunted her knowledge of it frequently. But she'd made a momentary error. She must have just remembered the lyric as hair and not shoes.

Susie stopped singing and froze for a moment as the concert rocked on. She glanced over at Martha and Judy who were looking at her and quickly went back to dancing away.

"Oh god." thought Susie, "Did they hear me?" she wondered. "I had been bragging about knowing every word on the ride to the concert. If they did hear, this could be bad. But they probably didn't hear. This concert is pretty loud. But then again they were glancing at me. Oh god. What do I do?" said her brain, running wild.

Martha Teeshirt and Judy Stool danced away. Rocker Jim got close to the foot of the stage, where the trio had gathered. Martha and Judy were swooning and grabbing. Susie stood there, no longer dancing or singing, but forcing a smile. Rocker Jim leaned in to give his trademark wink to one of them. The wink went to Judy. Judy screamed. Martha patted Judy on the back in a congratulatory manner. Susie was really hoping to get the wink before the concert.

In the car ride home Martha and Judy recapped how great the show. Susie sat in the backseat. She had been demoted to a much lower status amongst them. It caused a tense passive aggressive rift in their friendship. Susie carried the shame of her mistake for years. For a long time, she was very careful to not oversell herself to people she was competitive with.

She also quickly outgrew the music of Rocker Jim, due to the association of shame that it brought up from deep inside her. Her tastes and personality would go on to veer more in the direction of the music of Sobby Larry. He wrote emotional and sad songs.

"Oooh ooh I miss you." was one of Sobby Larry's most profound lyrics. Susie Sandwichhead would sing it a lot.

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