Friday, January 2, 2015

The Catatonic School

Marty had the hots for Candy. Candy was hung up on Sancho. Sancho was in a self imposed catatonic state. 

Hoho, the teacher of the catatonia class that Sancho took, was a shyster, and he taught people to make themselves catatonic to achieve peace and ignore everything else. In the meantime, he swiped money from their wallets, in addition to the exorbitant fees he already charged.
"In Hoho we trust." his class would say, just before diving into complete disposition of their life.

"Candy wanna see how fast my car drives?" asked Marty.
"Okay sure." said Mandy, somberly.

Marty opened the door for Candy who moped into the car.
"Do ya like how red it it?" asked Marty he drove.
"Yes." said Candy.
"Hey want me to go faster?" asked Marty.
"Sure." said Candy, moping.

Marty zoomed fast down the street hoping to get a reaction out of Candy. She didn't respond.
"Hey what gives you're like in a catatonic state!" said Marty. This caused Candy to snap.
"Catatonic state!?" she screamed. "What do you know from catatonic state!!?"
"Hey, hey, easy!" said Marty, but Candy did not relent.
"Do you know what catatonic states have done to me?! They've ruined my life!" said Candy.

Marty wanted to understand Candy and why she was so upset. 
"Slow down," he said, "explain to me about this catatonic state."

Candy explained that Sancho was in a catatonic state and being swindled by Hoho. Marty wanted to help Candy, he felt that if he could solve her problems she'd think of him as a great man and like him more.

"I know! Why don't we just go down to that Hoho jokester's place and bust Sancho outta there?" said Marty. Candy thought it was worth a try. They zoomed across town and through the desert where Hoho's compound was. They stormed it and found a room full of students in catatonic states. Many of them were drooling.

"Which one's Sancho?!" said Marty.
They all had their heads shaved and looked the same.
"Sancho! Sancho! Wake up! Candy's here!" they shouted.

They found Sancho shook him up and woke up him.
"It's me, Sancho! Hoho's been tricking you and robbing you of your life."
"Oh no thank you for saving me." he said, "And you you too, sir." he said to Marty.

Then they decided to wake everyone else up and free them. Some of them didn't want to wake up. Others did.
"Hey stop, what are you doing? This is how I make a living!" said Hoho.
"You're done for Hoho!" said Marty. Then Marty pushed Hoho into a tall stack of pamphlets.

Sancho, Candy, Marty, and a bunch of bald students ran out. Marty was certainly the hero. 
"Thanks for getting me and Sancho back together!" said Candy smiling. Then she kissed Sancho.

Marty felt like a dumbass.

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