Monday, January 12, 2015

Life's Wild Ride

Dan, Todd, Jed, Harry and Sport were great friends. They did everything together in their youth including a little hell-raising. They even grew old together and stayed friends.

"I'm loving my life!" said Harry.
"I love to party and I'm doing it with you guys!" said an aging Sport.
"Hey I always loved to rock, and now I'm getting to, life's great. Cheers to us!" said Jed.

Todd was the doctor of the bunch. They were all proud that he went into the medical field and was a real success. They were almost as proud as Todd's parents. Almost. Ha ha.

"Hey Todd can you check my pulse?!" joked Sport, when Todd had just become a doctor.
"Hey Todd I think I need a prostate exam!" he joked again when they got a little older.

They all got married and had lovely wives, except Harry who had a lovely husband named Ricky. The guys loved to razz Harry about having a husband, but Harry enjoyed a good razzing. These guys were his friends and only friends like these could make those jokes and get away with it. Harry knew Todd, Jed, and Sport loved him. And he loved them too. And Ricky grew to love them all. Wives included.

Jed became a successful songwriter. He wrote a beautiful hit called These Days are Ours about his relationship with the buds he grew up with. It was used in a lot of wholesome American commercials. And even a couple of films. Jed bought a lake house with the money he made from the song and invited his pals to it.

When Harry's adopted son Devon had his Bar Mitzvah, Sport gave Devon a big check and a note that said:

I became a man with your father and now you are a man too. 
Congrats, kid. Let's party! 
Love, Sport

When they were in their sixties, Sport needed a liver transplant. He might have done a little too much partying.

"Life is for living!" he would say.

When he found out his liver was in trouble the first person he called was Todd, the doctor, to find out what he should do. Todd personally called the best professional he knew and Sport wound up getting a liver transplant. From them on he switched from beer to sparkling water! The guys were all relieved he recovered.

One day, in their golden late seventies, Sport, Harry, Jed, and Todd, all sat on the back patio of Jed's lake house reflecting on their lives together, as their grandkids played and swam in the lake.

"Hey what ever happened to Dan? You guys remember him?" said Todd.
"Good question." said Jed.
"Who?" said Harry.

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