Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Room's Allegiance

Jebby Jiggles was the underdog. Big Man Mooser was the toughy.

"Hey Loser!" said Jebby Jiggles.
"What!? Huh? How come you being mean to me? I'm the toughy." said Big Man Mooser.
"Not any more." said Jebby.
"Well I don't think I'm a loser I think I'm cool." said Big Man Mooser.
"No, you're a loser. Hey everyone! Isn't he a loser?!" shouted Jebby Jiggles to everyone around.

Everyone looked over at underdog Jebby standing up for himself and shifting the spotlight to Mooser's inadequacies.

"Hey we never noticed before, but yeah it looks like Big Man Mooser is the loser!" said the mob mentality of the whole room.
"Hey change your minds everyone, I'm not the loser! This underdog guy just started picking on me and I didn't do anything to him." said Big Man Mooser.
"Hmm." said the mob mentality room, unsure of what to opinion to have.
"Look, I'll even do a cool dance to show you I'm fun and got reasons to be liked." said Big Man.

Then he did a fun dance and half the room went "Aaaah" because they liked it. The other half were unsure what to think because they didn't know what was cool.

"That dance is actually so dumb!" said Jebby Jiggles, making fun of the dance, to try to sway some opinion away from Big Man Mooser's favor.
"Now I think the dance is dumb." said a fraction of the people in the room.
"You think you can do better?" said Mooser to Jebby.
"No! I don't do dancing I use my mind instead, dummy!" said Jebby Jiggles.

This comeback was pretty strong and Big Man Mooser had no quick response. He took too long to think of one and the window passed. The room crowned Jebby Jiggles the underdog king. Big Man Mooser then was the real underdog. Because Jebby was the hero underdog.

"Hey everyone! He played dirty underdog! It wasn't fair." said Mooser, "I'm not a mathman but I think that makes me the underdog."
"Hmm..." said the room, then they changed their minds and crowned Mooser underdog king.
"Wait though!" said Jebby, "Don't you see he's big and dumb and agile and I'm small and smart? Obviously I'm the underdog."
"Oh, you're right." said the dumb room.

Then Big Man Mooser started to leave. And the room saw his body language and felt bad because he seemed like a big underdog. Then Handsome Harry Bunstein stomped up.

"Wait a second! Both these losers are competing over whose the biggest loser?! Why not award me something I'm tall and handsome and I know I'm a winner." said Harry.
"Hooray!!" said the room, then everyone got pregnant.

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