Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Case of the Missing Murder

Detectives Mueller and Skoakes were on the case. The case of the missing murder. The murder happened around dark time on a Saturday. It was reported to the cops. The detectives arrived on the scene. Then they had to go to the bathroom. The next thing they knew the murder was missing.

"Shoot! I shouldn't have had to take that pee!" said Mueller.
"Me too." said Skoakes.

Mueller and Skoakes asked around. They got some good clues. One of them was a lead to where that murder had disappeared too. It was in a dark alley.

"I hope this alley doesn't wind up being a red herring!" said Mueller.
"Me too." said Skoakes.

They arrived at the alley and shined their car lights down it. At the end of the alley they saw Dobson the Dirtbag, holding a gun.

"Don't mess with me coppers!" shouted Dobson, then he fired a shot.
Our hunky detectives dodged the bullet and took off on a hot foot pursuit after Dobson.

"I'm goin' up these stairs you jerks!" shouted Dobson, as he pointed to a staircase.
"We're following you!" shouted Mueller and Skoakes. The detectives ran all the way up the stairs and didn't find him.

"Darn it! I was sure he'd be up here." said Mueller.
"Me too!" said Skoakes.
"He's missing." said Mueller.
"Listen, I think I've got to run home. I've been meaning to have a talk with my wife about our relationship. Would you mind looking for the bad guy and the missing murder without me for a bit?" asked Skoakes.
"Sure, buddy I hope I find it."
"Me too!" said Skoakes.

Skoakes drove home and had a long chat with his wife Cindy. Cindy was going to group therapy and working on talking about her feelings. Skoakes was a detective so he could tell something was off about her behavior, she just wasn't good at expressing it. They talked about their feelings and it was real helpful for the both of them.
"I knew most of that stuff. I could tell what you were feeling because of my detective training."
"You're a good detective." said Cindy.
"Thanks honey."
"There's one thing you didn't know that I've been meaning to tell you."
"I'm pregnant."
"Wow I had no idea, I guess I need to work on my detective work." said Skoakes.
"I love you and am excited to have a baby!" said Cindy.
"Me too!" said Skoakes.

Then the phone rang. It was Mueller.
"Hey Skoakes, while you were away, we found the murder! It had been moved!"
"Great news!" said Skoakes.
"Yep, looks like a septuple homicide, gangland execution style. One crime boss, one hooker, one henchman, one torture victim, one regular bystander, and the local billionaire's son." said Mueller.
"Sounds like a big one." said Skoakes.
"Hey guess what? We're having a baby!"
"Hey!! Congratulations!" said Mueller.
"Okay I'm headed to the scene now can't wait to congratulate you in person." said Mueller.
"I'll be there soon."
"Oh and Skoakes be sure to pee before you get here!" said Mueller.
"You too!" said Skoakes.

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