Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tony's Troubles

Tony the Slick Sneak woke up from a bad sweaty dream. He was really stressed but the sunlight coming through the windows was a relief. Man that dream was bad. Every little thing was itching at him in it. There was the fear of getting caught for that one thing, and the worry about the guy who was bugging him, and then there was the dread about whether that bad thing was gonna happen. Oh it was the worst. Let's just say Tony was stressed.

"Sheesh." he said after he opened his eyes.

He looked around and his bed looked different. He had stripes on his sheets. He thought they'd been dotted.
"Hmm I don't remember having striped sheets. Maybe I stole em." he thought to himself. He was so sneaky.

He looked down at his legs and they were all skinny with not that much hair.
"Hmm I thought my legs were bigger, hairier, and more muscular." he said.

Tony walked down his hallway into the bathroom but instead it was a kitchen.
"Hey I thought this is where the bathroom was." he said.

He searched around for a bathroom. He found one. He switched on the light. It was a sexy red light.
"Hey I thought I had regular lights in my bathroom. And I thought my bathroom was over by where the kitchen appears to be."

Something sneaky was going on at Tony's. Was this not Tony's? He was pretty sure it was. He walked over to the mirror to look in the mirror to see that slick, sneaky and pretty face of his! But it wasn't his face! He had green eyes instead of baby blues. He had pock marks instead of smooth skin. He was balding instead of shiny black locks.

"Hey who is that guy!??!" Tony yelled.

Was he not him anymore? What happened? Then his phone rang. He picked it up.
"Hey Jerry, it's me Gene, I wanted to call and talk about baseball. So can you believe that pitch the other day, it was such a-"
"Gene, this ain't Jerry this is Tony,  I gotta go." Tony hung up.

Tony ran outside and shouted to his street.

"Hey Everyone! I'm supposed to be Tony but turns out I'm Jerry! Help! What do I do?!"
"Jerry, you're acting like a real wackjob." said Jerry's neighbors.
"I don't know you. I'm Tony!" said Tony to who were apparently Jerry's neighbors.
"Somebody help, I duno what's going on!" shouted Tony.

Doris the local clairvoyant from across the street whistled over to get Tony's attention.
"I know what's happenin'." she whispered.
"Huh?" shouted Tony.
"You were Tony and you got yourself into a heap of trouble. Now you're Jerry and you have a whole different set of problems. But you don't have worry about Tony's problems anymore. So let that be a relief to you. Yep this is a normal thing. I seen it hundred of times." whispered Doris.
"What?!?! I couldn't hear you from across the street!" shouted Jerry, panicked.

Jerry ran around to everyone in the neighborhood trying to figure out what was going on. No one else knew. Doris sat on her couch and ate macaroni.

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