Friday, January 30, 2015

The Scandalous Story

Scuzzy Hector turned on the news to the big story. It was a real bad story about a guy doing bad things. Scandalous.

"Oh that's terrible. How could he?" said Scuzzy Hector.

Then Scuzzy Hector ate some food with his hands and wiped his hands on his shirt and went to work. At work Scuzzy Hector's coworkers were talking about the news story.

"Did you you hear?" said Dirty Doc.
"Yeah what a creep!" said Scuzzy Hector.
"Yeah, at least we got a good thing to talk about." said Messy Dale.

Messy Dale had a point. Then their conversation came to a halt. They went back to workin'.

The next week in the news there was an update on the scandal. It was worse! Scuzzy Hector watched the story in disbelief as he picked at his underwear. The following day at work he discussed it with his coworkers.

"It's even worse!" said Scuzzy Hector.
"This whole time we thought he was better than us, turns out we're better than him!" said Dirty Doc.
"It kind of makes me feel good, a bad story like this coming out." said Messy Dale.
"I don't know about that. I feel bad that a bad guy was doing a bad thing." said Scuzzy Hector.

The next week more lighter fluid was squirted on the flaming scandal story. Scuzzy Hector watched and read all about it as he dug his pinky finger into his ear and scratched.

"Wow this is getting so crazy that this guy who we thought wasn't bad was so bad." said Dirty Doc.
"I'm embarrassed I thought he was good prior to finding out he was bad." said Scuzzy Hector.
"At least we've got something to unite us in conversation." said Messy Dale.

The dirtbag worker guys kept talking and sharing their opinions about the scandal until they started repeating themselves. Then they were sad they'd run out material to speculate on.

The following week there were no new updates about the scandal story and they had nothing exciting to talk about at work. They went home sad. Two weeks went by. No scandal updates. At best it was a rehash of the same stuff that had already happened. Scuzzy Hector stayed glued to the news in anticipation of a real update. But nothing. He passed out on the couch with his finger in his nose.

The next morning he woke up sad. He flipped on the morning news and scratched the dandruff off his head. But of course, it was a miracle. Good things come to those who wait. The scandal had escalated to even greater heights than before.

"Wow that guy is REAL bad." said Scuzzy Hector.
"And more updates expected to come in the next few weeks." said the news.

Scuzzy Hector went to work and had one of the best conversations with his coworkers ever. The future was hopeful.

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