Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ronnie with the Loud Jacket

Ronnie with the Loud Jacket put on his loudest jacket for his big party that he'd invited all his friends too. It was his party so he wanted to be the life of it. The colors on his jacket clashed and were bright, and really caught your eye. The loud jacket was a sure way to be the life of the party. It could be a nice extension of his personality. And in those moments when his personality lacked, the loud jacket would take over. Ronnie was set. He had this puppy under control. He was gonna steal home base for sure!

There was no way Ronnie was going to let this party be anything but awesome. He kicked his maximum preparedness into overdrive. In order to be ready for anything Ronnie practiced fun things to say in front of the mirror for the party. Great things like,

"Hey Babe! Talk to the jacket, it's got a personality of it's own!"
"I'm in mid conversation, maybe my jacket can keep you enthralled for a few!"
"Sorry, did you just say something to me, or was that my jacket?"
"Uh, my eyes are up here!"
"No, you can't try it on!"

His confidence was as loud as his jacket. "Yessss!" he said, "this is gonna be great!"

Ronnie with the Loud Jacket also rented a banana colored convertible, which gave his jacket a real run for the loud money. He pulled up to the party ballroom, confidence in hand. He walked up to the doors ready to be cheered on. He opened the doors. The party room was empty. There was no one in there.

Ronnie with the Loud Jacket walked around the empty room.

"Clok... clok... clok... clok..." said his shiny shoes.

He stood there for a second... "Hello?" he said, looking around. There was no one there. Anywhere. Maybe it was a surprise party? This would be some good fun. He catalogued in his head all the best surprised expressions he could make when and if they jumped out for him. But no one jumped out. He became perplexed.

Ronnie walked to the corner of the room, so he could see every entrance and exit. The closed doors sat motionless. Ronnie with the Loud Jacket sat in a chair in the corner, in the big empty party room, looking at the empty party room, wearing a very loud jacket, that no one could see.

He sat there for two hours. No one showed up. He stood up, wearing his loud jacket. He walked across the long empty, echoey room, wearing his loud jacket, which was very loud through the entire walk toward the exit. Ronnie with the Loud jacket got into his loud yellow car and drove home.

He fell asleep on his couch wearing his Loud Jacket. The next morning Ronnie put the loud jacket in the incinerator and returned the yellow rental car. It was expensive.

"Looking forward to your party on Tuesday, Ronnie." said Beth the rental car lady.
"Huh?" said Ronnie.
"Your party. Tuesday! I'm excited for it." Beth pulled out Ronnie's invitation.

Ronnie looked at it. The party was on Tuesday. Ronnie had forgotten his party was on Tuesday.
"Oh..." he said.

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