Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shakeup in Dinktown

Duckery-doo was way too dinky. He went down to Dinktown and dinked around. The irony of Dinktown is that they didn't appreciate that kind of dinkiness.

"Hi I'm Duckery-doo." said Duckery-doo.
"Duckery-doo, you're being too dinky around here. We don't like that dinkiness here in Dinktown." said Deezo Duckins.
"But Deezo, don't you see that you're dinky too?" said Duckery-doo.
"Uh oh." said Deezo Duckins.
"Yeah. So now you see my point." said Duckery-doo.

Duckery-doo and Deezo teamed up to raise money with lobbyists, Dinky and Buttons, to pass legislation, from the House of Representatives in Dinktown, so that dinkiness would be a bit more welcomed. It worked.

"I hearby declare it's okay to be a little dinky or even very dinky in Dinktown. I looked at the Dinktown rulebooks and I'm not really sure where the language came from that forbade dinkiness, but it's been removed, nonetheless." said King Beezo.
"Hooray!" said Duckery-doo, Deezo Duckins, Dinky, and Buttons. And King Beezo.

No one else was at the town meeting where he declared it. This was not a very hot button issue for Dinktown so few paid attention. It only got a small little corner piece coverage in The Dinktown Press. But over the years we would start to see dinkiness really let up and become a normal thing to be in Dinktown. 

"Well guess I'll be on my way." said Duckery-doo.
"What?! But we've done so much work." said Deezo Duckins.
"It's true. And there's more work to be done elsewhere." said Duckery-doo.
"I'll miss you too." said Buttons, the lobbyist.
"Hey nice to meet you." said Dinky, the lobbyist.

Dinky the lobbyist wasn't that enthusiastic about saying goodbye, he was not so sweet or even dinky, he was kind of a wormy weasel type who couldn't be trusted. But he was good at his job and that's what was important for this situation. Duckery, and Deezo needed a guy like Dinky on the team to do some shady things, like dig up dirt on King Beezo's wife, Queen Beezy, who was having an affair with Funny Doopy. 

"I'm gonna leak that you and Funny Doopy have been doing more than meeting for exercise class, if you don't have a talk with King Beezo about this dink situation." said Dinky. Then he showed her pictures with proof.
"Okay I'll talk to him." said Queen Beezy.

Then she told King Beezo he should really listen to those lobbyists and dinky types, because they had a point.

See that part gets left of the story out, because it's kind of scandalous and private to be spreading around, but it happened nonetheless.

"Anyway, I've got to go, this has been a productive day, bye!" said Duckery-doo.

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