Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Marty Doodles' One Man Show

Mom and Dad aka Mike and Linda had the weekend free. Mike knew this weekend was coming up. He had purchased tickets in advanced to a nice event. The papers had advertised that Marty Doodles was going to be in town, at the local nice theater, performing his one man show.

"Oh, honey that should be very fun." said Linda.

They went to the show and Marty Doodles really dazzled them. The show was about Jazz and Baseball. You could tell Marty Doodles, the performer, really loved those subjects. Marty played multiple characters. Sometimes his characters argued about the game of baseball.

"He's out! 
He's safe! 
He's out! 
He's safe! 
I say he's out!
I say you're out... out ta lunch!"

Then the audience would laugh. Then Marty Doodles did a black guy Jazz character. Even though he was a white guy. The audience smiled throughout it and found it very pleasant. Then Marty Doodles did a medley of Jazz standard parodies. This made the audience roar with feelings of being entertained.

Mike and Linda filed out of the theater smiling, alongside other couples doing the same. Mike went on at length about the show,

"...and wow he sure could do it all, what a fabulous entertainer." he said. Then Mike noticed Linda seemed uncomfortable. "Linda? You alright dear?" he asked.
"Yes, yes I think I'm suddenly tired, we should probably get home."
"Okay sure. We can keep talking about Marty Doodles on the way home." said Mike.

Then next Monday at work Marty told his coworkers about the show, "...and he did this great black jazz guy character. It was a hoot."
"Yes, yes I loved it too." said Dale.
"You were there?" said Mike.
"Yes, me and Alice both." said Dale.
"Oh I wish I'd seen you!"
"Yes well tell Linda I said hi!" said Dale.

Mike went home and told Linda that Dale and Alice were there and Dale said hi.
"I have to go out and grab some medicine to ease my nervous stomach, I'll be back."
"Okay bye honey. Gosh can't get over that Marty Doodles."

Linda drove to a payphone and called Dale.
"What are you thinking telling Mike to tell me you said hi?!" said Linda.
"I'm sorry baby, it's just, when I saw you exiting in the lobby at Marty Doodles' one man show all I wanted to do was come up to you and ask you if you if you liked the show! But instead you looked away and left with your husband!" said Dale.
"I understand, but this is crazy! And yes, the show was great. It's amazing how he can do so many characters. I loved the Jazz guy." said Linda.

Linda and Dale had been having an affair for many months. They agreed to meet at a motel the next week. Mike became suspicious. Linda and Dale were in the motel room making love and Mike burst in.

"Linda you slut! Dale you son of a bitch!"
"Gasp!" said Linda.
"Take it easy, Mike!" said Dale.
"How could you?!" said Mike.

Mike figured out that Linda had seen Dale at the Marty Doodles show and that was why she acted weird. Mike was never able to enjoy Marty Doodles' entertainment again.

I don't know what happened to Dale's wife Alice.

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