Monday, January 5, 2015

Snack Sneak

Big Terry was a Truckman for a living. He pushed and drove and fixed a truck all day everyday. He was big and was trying to get a little less big. Big Terry lived with Big Aunt Sandra.

"You better not get any bigger, Big Terry!" said Aunt Sandra.
"I won't!"

One night Big Terry was hungry for a snack. He knew he wasn't supposed to get one though. But he was big and wanted one. He couldn't drive to a snack joint because he only had a big truck and it takes a long time to juice the truck up and put on truck gear. So he figured he ought to snack sneak from the fridge at home. He creaked open his door.

"Errrrrgh!" it said real loud.
"Damn!" whispered Terry.

It was so loud if he creaked it anymore Aunt Sandra was certain to hear him. Luckily, he was a Truckman and kept oil with him. Big Terry was clever. He imagined those door hinges were a part of the truck that needed oil, then he oiled the creaks away!

Next he had to go down the hallway, but he took a footstep on the floor and

"Clunk!" said his foot.
"Shoot!" whispered Big Terry.

But Terry had a great idea. He had these cute little slippers in his room that he only wore around winter time. They were real soft and squishy slippers and they absorbed all the clunks that were bound to happen between his foot and the ground!

Big Terry tiptoed his shushed clunky feet down the hallway into the kitchen, oiled the light switch so it wouldn't make too loud of a flick noise, turned on the light, and eyed the fridge where all the snacks were kept!

This was gonna be the hard part, opening the fridge. There was no way around the big fridge suction noise it was gonna make. He should have thought to give Aunt Sandra ear plugs before bed, but hopefully she wasn't too light a sleeper. If he could pull it open with a firm controlled grip, but quickly he might be able to reduce the jar clanks in the fridge.

"Oh shoot!" whispered Terry to himself, as he realized he should have just left the light off. The fridge light was going to illuminate the room. The kitchen light was bound to travel to wherever Big Aunt Sandra was sleeping. He'd better just open it, grab the snacks and make a run for it.

In one fell swoop he yanked it open as his mouth watered for a snack and the first thing he laid his eyes on, on the top shelf was a little container with a boiled egg and a chunk of cheese. Underneath that shelf and filling up the whole fridge was Big Aunt Sandra, staring back at him. Scowling.

"Go to bed Big Terry, no snack for you!" said Aunt Sandra.

Big Terry pouted all the way to the bedroom and tossed and turned with racing thoughts all night.

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