Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Magical Necklace

Hugh wanted to get Trina something nice. He walked into Mark's Jewelry, a jewelry store that had a nice variety. Mark was an older ethnic guy, he owned the place.

"Hi what's nice and pretty for my girlfriend?" asked Hugh.
"How about this?" said Mark, pointing to a pretty necklace with a charm on it.
"Ooh that's a little pricey for me." said Hugh, as he surveyed the price tag.
"I understand, I understand, no problem."
"Thank you."
"Hmm... what else? How about this one?" Mark said, pointing to another.
"I don't know that my Trina would like that one." said Hugh.
"Very understandable."
"I really want to find something nice for her though." said Hugh.
"Ah! I got it!"

 Mark went in the back and came back with a crusty dusty wooden box.

"I've never put this on the floor. It's origins are mystical." said Mark. He opened the box and it was a pretty necklace that he knew Trina would think was pretty.

"Wow! It's beautiful!" said Hugh.
"Tell ya what. I'll cut you a great deal. I have been sitting on this thing for a long time and would like a nice person to try out this necklace. If you don't like it you can return it." said Mark.
"Wow thanks!" said Hugh.
"Hey did you ever expect you would get such a great deal on jewelry from a guy with my ethnicity? I don't know what's come over me." joked Mark.
"Ha okay here's the money. And thanks again." said Hugh.

Then Hugh gave Mark a little bit of money and started to leave.

"Wait there's one more thing!" said Mark.
"It's very important. This necklace, though very beautiful and reasonably priced, comes with great caution and responsibility."
"Yes. Make sure your beautiful girlfriend doesn't wear the necklace after 12:37am."
"Usually I would say midnight but there's actually a thirty-seven minute grace period."
"I see. Is that all?"
"Make sure your girlfriend is a woman of strong character or else she might not be able to handle the necklace."
"Oh Trina is the best, I'm a good judge." said Hugh.

Hugh took the necklace home and took Trina on a date. He surprised her with it.
"Wow it's pretty!" she said. Then she put it on.

They got home late. It was 12:35am. When the clock struck 12:37am she turned into a scary demon lady.

"You cheap son of a bitch I can't believe you made me pick up the check!!" she roared in a shredded guttural voice.

Then all the magnets on the fridge started flying off the fridge and sticking to her. So did the forks and knives and the iron filings from the drawer with the tools. Then her eyes lit up like evil. With all the knives and stuff, her shirt got ripped and one of her breasts was visible. It looked kind of sexy in a scary demonic way.

"Hey take that necklace off!" said Hugh and he ripped the necklace off. Trina went back to normal. The next day he returned the necklace.

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