Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Mentally Stimulating Chat

Arnold was talking to Pinky, the local free spirit type, one night. She was a real thinker. She had so many thoughts she almost couldn't get to them. Arnold was a big burly nice man with a deep slow drawl. He did his best to keep up, but was not very articulate.

"I've got to get home soon." said Arnold.
"Oh, I've been thinking that sometimes homes are like possessions, but then they possess you, because you belong inside your home, and your belongings go in your home, and so do you, so like, are we like our belongings and stuff?"
"It's a good question, Pinky."
"...And does that also mean that like, if we belong in the homes, does that mean like, that it shouldn't be us walking around freely out here, it should just be a bunch of homes, and then we stay put where the homes were standing, waiting for the homes to return, while the homes go out and hustle and shuffle and bring home the bacon?"
"Gosh, Pinky, this is some real deep stuff."
"...I've been thinking about how people say that like, how it's like deep, but actually deep is what's underground, and here we are, here and now, and maybe it's actually lifting us to a higher plain, and it's not deep, but high up, did you think of that ever?"
"No, Pinky, gee. You should put this stuff in a book."
"...You know, I thought about books recently, and I thought about we read them, we read them, we read them, and we read them so much, but what if, actually books are reading us? Because you know, if you turn a book sideways, open it down the middle, open and close it, it's almost like it could be puppeteered to look like a talking mouth. So that's kind of life-like, man."
"Oh, that is clever."
"...Yeah and like if you take that into consideration, and that we as people just look at those words, and the meaning behind them all, it's like we think we are reading those words, but the time we're spending reading the words, those words are looking right back at us, and at our eyes, and reading what is behind our eyes, and the eyes are the window to the soul, and if you don't have the drapes open then how can anyone see your soul? Including those watching-words, and words are eventually brought to life with the aid of movie cameras."
"Well you've given me a lot to think about, Penny."
"It's Pinky."
"Oh right, of course. Sorry, Pinky." said Arnold.

Arnold walked home slowly. A creep popped out with a gun.
"Gimme ya money!" said the creep.

Arnold tried to do his best version of Pinky talk so he wouldn't panic.

"Okay you can have what money is in that wallet there. But you know money is just paper and, uh, uh. Paper it comes from trees. And trees, they're everywhere. So you should rob a tree." said Arnold.
"Huh?" said the creep.
"Ah forget it. Here's the wallet. Don't shoot me."

Then all the sudden the creep got real guilty and handed back the wallet.

"You know you seem like a nice guy. I been watching you and that gal Pinky talk for a while. She seems nice too. You both just seem like nice people from different places. And me? I'm nice on the inside but not on the outside. That's why I tried to rob you. When you're desperate you do desperate things." said the creep.
"Well it's lucky for me." said Arnold.
"Yeah I'm not one of those pathological criminals who has no respect for human life, I'm more the desperate type who means well." said the creep.
"Well maybe you should review all your options." said Arnold.
"Okay tomorrow I will do that." said the creep.
"Now I don't know whether to give you all the money as a gesture or let you review those options from a rock bottom perspective." said Arnold.
"I think the right thing to do would be to say it's your choice." said the creep.

Arnold gave him some money, but not all of it. He walked home thinking about how it was an anti-climactic night. He had some mental stimulation, and he had a bit of a scare, but neither amounted to much. Then he went to bed and had another day the next day.

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