Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bald Billy Tale

Bald Billy walked around being bald.

"Hey you're BALD heheheh!" said Hairhead Eddie.
"I know I'm bald leave me alone about it, I don't wanna be bald I just am!" said Bald Billy
"Ha ha yeah like your name should be Baldy!" said Hairhead Eddie.
"Hey I just told you don't say stuff like that because I don't like it and wish I weren't bald."
"Well I'm lucky I got hair!" said Hairhead Eddie.

Then a robber with a hood and mask came up with a gun and a knife.

"Hi I'm a bad guy freeze and gimme your hair!" said robber.
"Uh oh!" said Bald Billy and Hairhead Eddie.
"You know who I'm talkin' to! I'm talkin the one with the HAIR! Now give it!" said the robber.
"Uh oh I'm scared. But at least he isn't trying to rob me, I got no head hair." said Bald Billy.
"Uh oh I'm scared too." said Hairhead Eddie.

The robber put the knife forward and said "Start cuttin'!"

"Oh no again, I'm even scareder than a second ago." said Hairhead Eddie.

Then Hairhead Eddie stopped and thought for a second. He remembered that all his hair on his head made him confident. So he got real confident.

"Hey wait a sec." said Eddie.
"Huh?" said robber, surprised.
"You want my hair cuz you're a baldo aren't ya?" said Eddie.
"!" said robber.
"If you're so not bald, then take your hood mask off and prove it!"
"No!" said robber.
"You're a bald scaredo baldo! I know it!" said Eddie.
"No no I'm not, fine I'll prove it." said robber.
"I'm still scared." said Bald Billy.

Then robber took his hood off and he had hair but he also had the same face as the local bad guy cop Jerry Copguy, because it was Jerry Copguy!

"Jerry Copguy!" said Billy and Eddie!
"Oh no I showed my face." said Jerry Copguy.
"You're in bad cop trouble now!" they said.

Jerry Copguy went to jail and became no more a cop.

"Wow Eddie, I thought you were a jerk but your jerkness actually saved the day." said Bald Billy.
"You're still a bald baldy, hehehah!" said Hairhead Eddie.

Bald Billy was sad about it and how Eddie was a jerk. He just had to learn to deal with it.

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Ronnie Peace said...

Who'd have thunk it that ladies can be shyster dentists too. There's a lesson for young girls - don't limit yourself.
Well played, Josh.