Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Day the Circus was Saved

Kevin the kid walked into the kitchen.
"Bye mom, I'm going to the circus."
"You're going to join the circus?" said mom.
"No I'm going to go watch it." said Kevin.
"Oh well that's okay."
"Okay bye."

Then Kevin walked to the circus but he got lost because he thought the circus was always in town, he was a little uninformed being a kid and all, the circus only came to town a couple of times a year. So he walked to the fairgrounds, which is where the circus was when he went before. It was near by so he knew how to get there. A lot of kids have a poor sense of direction, but luckily this was close.  Also mom was kinda dumb because she should have known the circus wasn't in town.

Anyway Kevin the kid walked to the fairgrounds to find an empty lot. He was disappointed. He walked around in circles in the lot. He was disappointed. Then he saw a van off in the distance. Four guys hopped out. Seemed to start walking toward him.

"Uh oh..." said Kevin.
The four guys approached him and seemed nice and not kidnappy.

"Hey Brother," said one of them, "we noticed you walkin' around here all by yourself." said one of them.
"Yeah?" said Kevin.
"Well it looked like you were kinda walkin', thinkin', wonderin' what it's all about..." said another.
"We just wanted to know... do you know Jesus?" said another.

They weren't kidnappers or molesters, they were just four guys trying to find people to recruit into Christianity. Kevin's lone body language in the parking lot make him appear as though he needed saving.

The Christians didn't let on, but they were a little desperate to save people. They hadn't met their saving quota.

"I was hoping to see a circus is all." said Kevin.
"Ahh well the Lord is the only circus you need." said the four guys.
"Can you guys act out a circus for me? If you do, I'll let you save me." said Kevin.

Kevin was clever. So the four guys acted out a circus. One guy pretended to be a clown and walked funny, another guy pretended to be an elephant on all fours. Another guy did a summersault. And the other guy said "Get your peanuts!"

Kevin had a great time and became a Born Again Christian.

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