Friday, April 24, 2015

The Big Gun Outreach

Young Rico had the gun. He pointed it in Vince's direction.

"You see this?" he said. "Now I have the power."
"Oh, you think you're a big man, eh?" said Vince.
"Yeah I'm tha one with the power!"

Then Vince made a big powerful speech about how a gun doesn't make the man but the man makes the man. And how Rico should see how powerful he can be without the gun, because the human spirit is really a wonderful thing.

Then Rico said "Shut up! This gun is why people respect me."

Then Vince made another big speech about how that's not respect, that's fear. Then Rico was like "I want to be feared, because when I walk in the room everyone fears me and that's a good thing!"

Then Vince made another passionate speech about how being feared is not actually a good thing because you are actually the one having to look over your shoulder most if you're feared. And he talked about how Rico was going to have to go everywhere wondering whether he was safe, just because he wanted to be feared. This speech was slightly long winded, but once it came around to the big major point it was pretty powerful.

Vince took a step closer to Rico.
"Don't come any closer!" said Rico.

Then Vince made yet another big powerful speech about how when you tell people to not come closer it's because you are running away from what you're scared of and you don't want your problems to chase you. This speech was kind of true but also came off like a bit of a stretch. Vince's speeches were running thin and he was trying hard to think of things to make speeches about at this point. Luckily Rico was ready to crack and the speech was just powerful enough to make Rico cry. Then Rico called his mom and said he wanted to be rehabilitated and get rid of his guns.

Vince was relieved and he felt confident in his community outreach abilities.

Then Rico start rappin'

You think you got it made, well try my lemonade,
I'm gonna refresh you, if I sneeze say god bless you.
Gimme a tissue, then you will wish you,
Were wipin' my nose, and wearin' my clothes.

He wasn't great, but he was trying hard.

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