Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Chalk-Eating Sinners of Love

Jim was clean and had a nice shirt. Dale was a dirty and had stains all over him. Jim was dumb. Dale was smart. Pretty unexpected given their appearances. They were best friends. They were lovers even. How did they make it work!?

"Jim and Dale, don't you guys fight?" asked Uretha.
"Nope we just love love love each other." said Jim and Dale, then they kissed.
"Whoa you guys just kissed!" said an onlooker named Fizz-man.
"Yep." said Jim and Dale.
"Only reason it's remarkable to me, an open minded guy, is that one of you has a really schmutzy face!" said Fizz-man.

It was Dale who had the schmutzy face.

"Yep that's me." said Dale.
"Yeah. I'm dumb." said Jim.
"I guess I don't seem to mind having schmutz on my face. No need to clean it off when I've got the love of my life here." said Dale.
"Aw that sweet." said Jim.

Then Anup walked up. He had a thick accent for no reason.

"How as colme thees man as shuch a cleem shirt on heem, but he as velly velly stoopeeed?" asked Anup.
"I only learned how to be a shirt cleaner." said Jim.
"Well thant you as for tekking time to tell me." said Anup.

Then the cops showed up started to arrest Dale.

"Hey dirty buddy, you're coming with us, you look just like a bad guy." said Cop.
"No, he's not a bad guy." said everyone.
"What? He's clearly so bad." said Cop.
"I'm actually smart guy." said Dale.
"Oh. Hmm well now what do we do?" said Cop.
"I'm dumb." said Jim.

Then the cop's elbow fell off.
"Oh no, of all the times to happen, my elbow picked this time to fall off me." said Cop.
Then the cop was embarrassed.
"Well smart guy, I guess it's your lucky day. I gotta go find some people to help me get a new elbow." said Cop. And he set Dale free.
"I love that cop." said dumb Jim.
"I know you aren't very smart, that's why you're saying that, and I'm a thoughtful guy, so I am able to distinguish whether your love for the cop is something to be jealous of, and it's not." said Dale.
"Oooh. Ahhh. Wowww! So smart!" said everyone, with starry eyes for Dale.

And they all burned in hell some time later.

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