Wednesday, April 8, 2015

When Disasters Strike!

"Hey get a grip!" said Randy to Eugene. Eugene was both having a personal freakout and trying to jackhammer a hole into the ground.

"I need a break!" said Randy.

Then Randy broke his arm. He went to the doctor. There was a Junkie there too. They sat in the waiting room. A waiter walked up.

"Can I take your order?"
"Yes, one Doctor, please." said Randy.
"And for you?" said the Waiter.
"The same." said the junkie, shaking.

He was shaking because there was an earthquake.

"Ahhhh!" said people getting up and running out.
"Ahhhh..." said the rest of them, because they had all just taken a refreshing sip of Coca-Cola.
"That earthquake was scary, good thing we had the fizzy soda to distract us." said Randy to the Junkie.
"The Doctor will see you now." said the Waiter.

Then the doctor came and got a good look at both of them.

"I see these guys, but who is my next patient?"
"Doc, help me I got a break!" said Randy
"Doc help me, I need a fix." said the Junkie.
"Here's some drugs, I'm a doc, but I also sell drugs." said the Doctor, handing the Junkie drugs.
"So you live a double life?" said the Junkie.
"Yes it's exhausting." said the Doctor.
"Yes it's exhausting." said the Doctor again.
"Doc, my arm is still broken!" said Randy.
"Take one of mine, I've got four." said the Doctor, holding out one of his arms.
"Here." said the version of the Doctor who sells drugs.

Then Randy took the Doctor's extended hand and they shook hands. Then another earthquake happened and shook them even more, and then the roof collapsed.

"That wasn't an earthquake that was me jackhammering!" said Eugene, Randy's clumsy coworker.

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