Monday, April 6, 2015

The Sunny Snowpark Trio

The lonely forest ranger sat in the snow forest.

"I'm bored! Wish some friends showed up!" he shouted.
"Rawwwr!" said the Abominable Snowman.

The lonely ranger stood up.

"Uh oh, I should be more selective with my friends." he said.
Then he ran and hid in his cabin. He ate a crunchy cookie in there too.
"Aw man, now I'm bored and wants some friends!" said the Abominable Snowman.

Then the hot sun popped it's head out from behind the clouds.
"I'm here!" said the hot sun.
"Oh no, don't melt meee!" said the Abominable Snowman, as he ran and hid in a shady ice cave.

Then the forest ranger popped his head out of his cabin window.
"The sun's out? Oooh I can go frolic now." he said.
Then he went and ran around the forest wearing skimpy swim trunks.

Then the Abominable Snowman popped his head out the cave.
"Hehe you're cute!" said the Abominable Snowman about the ranger's little frolicking in the sun.
"Hehe thanks." said the ranger, then he turned and saw it was the Snowman.
"Aaahh!" he said, scared.
"Aaahh!" the Abominable Snowman said back.
Then the Snowman pulled his head back in the cave, and the ranger jumped back in his cabin.

Then the hot sun said "Ya'll ain't gonna use this sunlight?" and the Snowman popped his head out and said "I'm scared of the hot sun."
And the ranger popped his head out and said "I'm scared of the Snowman."

Then the hot sun said "But I want some friends."
Then the ranger said "I want some friends!"
Then the Abominable Snowman said "I want some friends!"

"Well it doesn't look like the three of us will reach a friend agreement despite all our desires toward the same final product. I guess I'm gonna go hide behind some clouds." said the hot sun.

"Shoot." said the Abominable Snowman.
"Darn." said the ranger.

The heat went away and more snow came down. The lonely ranger set up perch again on his lonely spot. The next day it was cold. The Abominable Snowman came out of his cave and ate the lonely ranger.

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