Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Where's Bro's Weed?

Bro couldn't find his weed. He was normally really chill, but his weed was missing and he was getting really stressed and frustrated.

"Bro did someone take my weed?" said Bro.
"I didn't take it, Bro." said Bro's bro, who was high.
"Bro, did you smoke it?" asked Bro.
"Bro, I don't think so." said Bro's bro.

Bro was getting pissed. He lifted couch cushions and kicked pieces of garbage around that were on his floor. He was agitated. He started shaking. He was gritting his teeth and pulling his hair. His eyes simmered with rage.

"Bro, I feel like I could like murder someone!" said Bro.
He lifted a dirty t-shirt up off the floor.

"Oh, Bro, I found it!" said Bro.
"Sweet!" said Bro's bro.
"Oh damn wait that's not it." said Bro.
"Damn." said Bro's bro.

It was just a cat toy. Bro didn't have a cat. But Bro's neighbor had a cat. Bro figured he had better do some detective work. He went over to his neighbor Cynthia's house. He knocked on the door and she answered.

"Cynthia, like did you or your cat take my weed, bro?"
"Oh, hey Bro. No sorry, Bro. I don't think so." said Cynthia.
"Damn." said Bro.
"I'm high though. You wanna smoke a bowl?" said Cynthia.
"I'm pissed! I can't find my weed!"
"Come smoke a bowl!" said Cynthia.

Bro was so pissed he walked into Cynthia's and took a sweet rip off a bitchin' bong. He got high and thought it was sweet. He forgot to be pissed. Then Bro and Cynthia just sat and talked for two hours about what they were hoping to do. Bro was hoping to get his growing off the ground. And Cynthia was hoping to hit her dad up for some funding on a project. It turned out to be a sweet day.

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