Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wackhouse Clackhouse

The Clown entertained.

"Boo! Hehehe!" said the Clown.
"Oh no I'm scared of clowns." said Sassy Sherry.
"You scare of clown, babe? How bou I protec you?" says Yislack, with the hairy chest.
"You're too brown!" said Sassy Sherry.
"Baby you don't like the brown, man?" said Yislack.
"Goo-hoo-hoo, you don't like the brown man and you don't like the Blue, and Yellow, and Red, and White man either!" said the Clown, pointing to his face.
"Ha ha ha, I think Clown is funny, baby!" said Yislack.
"You guys can all shut up, I'm gonna go eat some dark chocolate!" said Sassy Sherry.

Then she walked away and hit a wall and fell down. Because she had her eyes closed because she was daydreaming about how great she thought she looked walking away.

"Ha ha ha you are a better clown that me!" said the Clown.
"Oh no, now I'm a clown?" said Sassy Sherry.
"Yes baby, you make a me laugh baby!" said Yislack.
"Oh no, now I'm scared of myself!" said Sassy Sherry.
"Baby want me to protec you still?" said Yislack.
"But my chest real hairy!" said Yislack.

Then Yislack ripped open his shirt. His chest was covered in very black hair and lots of it.
"Uht oh I need to call a guy who do yardwork!" said Yislack.

Then he called up his buddy Hedro who does yardwork and Hedro came over with a tiny lawn mower and mowed Yislack's chest. Sassy Sherry turned out to be a lizard woman because she hissed at the lawnmower and that's what lizards do. Then she slithered under the door.

"Who need that type of women, am is right?" ask Yislack.
"We are buddies!" said Hedro the yardguy.
"Honk!" said the Clown.

Then they all got real drunk and cuddled in bed together.

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