Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mean Prank Day

Denny called Craig into the office. The door was open. Craig could see Denny sitting in his chair.

"This way, this way! Hurry come in quick!" said Denny.
"Coming." said Craig.

As Craig set foot in Denny's office his pant leg was met with a stream of urine coming from Harry's penis. Harry was standing there naked.

"Hahahah! We got you!" said Denny.
"I got you!" said Harry, who was still peeing.
"Oh man, is it Mean Prank Day?" asked Craig.
"Yes it is!" they said, including Harry, who was still peeing.
"I totally forgot, I've been so busy." said Craig.

Craig went and called his Mom.

"Mom I have cancer. Of the penis." said Craig.
"Oh my goodness." said Mom.
"Yep. My only choices are to die or become a man with no penis."
"Please don't die- wait a second. Is it Mean Prank Day?" asked Mom.
"It is!" said Craig.
"Oh you sure got me. Hold on your father wants to talk to you."
"Son, I have cancer of the penis." said Father.
"It's Mean Prank Day, Dad, I just tried that one on Mom."
"Damn. Well come over after work tonight, will you?" said Father.

Craig went over after.
"Come on in, Craig." said Mom.
"In here, Craig." said Father, from Craig's childhood room.

Craig walked into his room and found that all his favorite childhood possessions were sprawled out in a pentagram and burning on fire. In the center of the pentagram was a blood written letter that read I wish I could undo you and your life! - Dad, and next to it Craig's childhood cat's skeleton, that had been buried for years in the backyard, had been dug up, and sprawled out, with a stream of urine coming out of Craig's dad's penis. And Craig's dad was naked. And drunk.

"I never loved you, Craig." said Father.
"It's Mean Prank Day!" said Craig.
"Yep!" said Father.

Then they gave each other a hug and had a nice dinner.

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