Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Get a Room

Kert and Jan sat in the corner of the bar and necked. Man they were smoochin' hard. Their bodies curled together in two s's.

"Ooh baby."
"Yeah, baby."
"I know, baby." they said.

Then they sucked each other's mouths harder.
"Hey get a room you two!" shouted Larry from the pool table.

They kept kissing. Everyone else got uncomfortable by it and turned away. They were positioned in such a way it seemed like they were putting on a show. Everyone was grossed out. They tried to ignore it. Except Barry. Barry didn't mind it and he stared and watched them.

"Hey Barry quit staring." said Barry's friend Pudzo.
But Barry kept staring. He was really enjoying the show.

"Psst, Barry, maybe don't stare, that ain't too good to look at too long." said Vinny the Pal.
But Barry was a captive audience. Just getting lost in the gaze of their slobbery smooches.

Kert and Jan began to feel Barry's eyes examining their moves. Finally they broke to address him.

"Hey Bro cut it out." said Kert.
But Barry kept staring.

"Hey Bro, you sick sicko! You can't tell Barry to quit. Ya'll are the perverts puttin' it on display!" said Frank, the bar wise man. Kert came and shoved Barry. Barry fell down.

"Ouch." said Barry.

Then security rushed to Kert. They'd had this type of trouble before. They escorted Kert out of the bar.
"Don't touch my girl!" shouted Kert to Barry.

Barry walked up to Jan.
"Your boyfriend hurt me." said Barry.
"Aww that's so sad, what a jerk." she said, quickly selling him under the bus.
"He should take better care of you." said Barry.

Then he started kissing Jan, who was very drunk and didn't seem to discriminate. Kert later found out and beat up Barry and then got beat up for beating up Barry, because Barry has a lot of defenders.

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