Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Joey Vs. Tommy

Joey punched Tommy. Tommy punched Joey. Joey's nose bled. Joey punched Tommy. Tommy's eye hurt. Tommy punched Joey. Joey's lip split. Tommy punched Joey. Joey's tooth broke. Joey punched Tommy. Joey missed. Tommy stepped back. Joey took a swing. Joey missed Tommy. Tommy punched Joey. Joey drooled blood. Tommy stepped back.

"Hey watch the shoes." said Tommy.

Joey swung at Tommy. Joey missed Tommy. Tommy circled Joey. Tommy kicked Joey.

"Ooph." said Joey. Joey fell down. Tommy kicked Joey.
"Oh!" said Joey.

Now you may be thinking "Oh, poor Joey, Tommy beating the krap out of him." But what I didn't tell you is that Joey is a real jerk. He put his finger in a lady's burger one time at an out door restaurant. And he didn't ever know the lady. And he didn't even apologize. He just did it because he thought he could get away with it. He walked away. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Joey also pulled girls' hair as a kid, but so does everyone so don't factor that into your opinion of Joey, maybe he was having a hard time at home with his parents or something. But Joey also stole. So you know he wasn't a great guy. He was getting a beating.

Tommy bent over and pulled Joey's hair. I wonder if it reminded Joey of the hair pulling that occurred when Joey was a youth. Joey flattened his hand to balance his body so he couldn't. Tommy stamped on Joey's hand. You're probably starting to think this is getting excessive. But Joey also put his poor grandmother through stressful times toward the end of her life.

"Grandma gimme some money, you ain't gonna use it, you're runnin' outta time!" he'd say. That isn't a nice thing to say to your grandmother, right? Right? Yeah I thought so. We hate Joey. Good.

So Tommy kept kicking him and pulling on his hair. Finally Joey managed to pull himself up and get a second wind. Uh oh. Not bad boy Joey. He did though. He mustered all the strength he had and wound up a punch and whap! He socked Tommy in the face.

"Ouch!" said Joey, though. Joey hurt his fist on Tommy.

Tommy smiled. He had wires inside his mouth. Not like braces wires. Like electrical wires. You know why? Because Tommy was inhuman. He was an android. A manbot. He wasn't real. That explains why he was beating up Joey, an otherwise tough guy. Now I wish Joey had been the winner. Joey was an imperfect human, like all humans. Computers beat humanity that day.

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