Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Milt's Watch

Milt chewed on juicy candy outside one night by the tree. He was the type of guy who accidentally had his zipper down. He also ate chips with his juicy candy, so he could mix and match sweet and salty. The chip greases got on his fingers so he wiped them on his pants. He smack smack smacked away on that juicy candy.

Milt also reached into his underwear to flick an itch. In the process he got some chip grease on his genitals. He did not do anything about the grease on his genitals, nor did he notice he'd gotten grease on them.

Milt was a creep. The reason he stood outside was to peep in on Donald and Irma's home. He did it on his spare time. Donald and Irma were of retirement age. Milt liked to peep. He peeped on Donald and Irma because he saw them at the grocery store once and they were buying a lot of fragrant toiletries. He wanted to see what they were gonna do with them. Turned out nothing unusual. But Milt kept watching

"Irma, where's the remote control?"
"Irma, where's the orange juice?"
"Irma, where's the new soap we bought?"
"Irma, where's the car keys?"
"Irma, I guess we won't go anywhere right now, I can't find the car keys."
"Irma, are we out of my diapers?" are all things Donald would say.

Irma wasn't much help. Donald and Irma weren't that interesting. Nothing eventful ever happened. In addition, they never realized Milt was surveilling them and they lived happy normal lives without any interference.

Milt just kept watching and watching. He watched and watched, waiting for who knows what. Maybe getting off on watching. Like a TV show where nothing ever happens.

Little did Milt know that for the past five months, he's been being watched! That's right. Donald and Irma's neighbor was Dick Dutty. Son of Donald and Irma... Dutty. Dick Dutty was a bad dude who loved to sell drugs to people. He lived next door to his parents. The cops found out that he was selling all the drugs, so they scoped out Dick and Donald and Irma's neighborhood. While watching Dick, they spent a large amount of time watching Milt watch Donald and Irma.

"What the hell is this guy watching for?" said Cop #1.
"He doesn't see like a pervert but he definitely seems like a creep." said Cop #2.
"I'm suspicious of him. We ought to keep an eye out." said Cop #1.

The cops saw that Dick Dutty was making a big move and they moved in on him. They never wound up doing anything to Milt the creep, even though he initially seemed suspicious to them.

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