Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jim the Firefighter

Jim the Firefighter was a booze guzzler and big man who had big pectoral muscles and wore a tight blue fireman shirt. He punched the fires out. Big fires and little fires, he knew what to do! Call Jim the Firefighter's department for all your fire needs.

"Hi I'm Big Jim the Firefighter. Are you scared of fire? Does it burn you? Well I'm not scared of it and burns don't hurt me! If you have a fire call me, I'll come put it out. Well actually call 911, then they'll call me and I'll come put it out." said Jim during his commercial for firefighters.

Jim took a pause, "...And um..."

Then Jim realized his commercial idea was dumb, because why do a commercial for the fire department when it's basically a commercial for 911? And 911 has it's own PR. They don't need Jim. Jim felt embarrassed and discouraged.

He just thought it'd be kind of a good idea to make a commercial. Because he knew that commercials got people more work, because it got the word out about their product. But he technically didn't want more work, because fires were bad for people to have. So the less work for him the better people were doing. Jim also lived in a small town and the people rarely had any fire problems.

Jim also felt dumb because he had gotten a whole local camera crew together. He knew he was gonna either be embarrassed for having them shoot this thing that was pointless or he was gonna piss them off for wasting their time if he canceled.

"Um.. this was a dumb idea." said Jim.
"What why?" said Skippy the camera operator.
"Well, cuz obviously people know to call the fire department when there's a fire." said Jim.
"Yeah?" said Skippy.
"I just didn't think this through." said Jim.
"That's okay, I thought you were makin' like a good little skit!" said Donny.
"Yeah!" said Debbie.
"Yeah like a skit!" said Duck Daryl. Duck Daryl was a nickname that guy went by.
"I don't know, I think I should quit." said Jim.
"Don't quit, make it a skit!" said the crew.
"Your pectoral muscles look great in this lighting!" said the lighting guy.

Jim felt better. He had lost his confidence for a second but his friendly camera crew helped him regain it and they made a nice little skit that even aired on TV in the small town. It worked as a good PSA to remind people to not set themselves on fire.

There was even an electrical problem during the shoot and Jim was able to stop it from turning into a bad fire. He was a real hero!

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