Sunday, April 19, 2015

Guy One and Guy Two

"Hi." said one guy
"Yo." said the other.
"I'm worthless!!!" said the first guy.
"Kill yourself." said the other.
"Okay." said guy one.

He pulled out a noose and hung himself. It didn't kill him though. It only started to. Guy two was like "No! Stop. Don't." Then he saved guy one from dying.

"You saved me." said guy one.
"I know, I'm a hero." said guy two.

Guy two went around telling everyone of how he nobly saved guy one's life. It gave guy two lots of meaning. People found inspiration in guy two. Guy two rode the wave. He became a hot shot big time biggie big.

People started saying things to and about guy two.
"Hey guy two you're such a great guy."
"Guy two you are a dream come true."
"Guy two I wanna be like you."

Guy two became so popular people started to spread bad rumors about guy two.
"Guy two is what they say true?"
"I'm still the guy you always knew." said guy two.
"Phew." they said.
"Before you knew it, away those rumors blew."

More time went on and time really flew. More grey hairs grew. Guy two, known for being such a good guy bought a few houses or two.

Guy one sat back as guy two skyrocketed off the heat of guy one's rescue. Guy two didn't talk to guy one. Guy one never got proper help and care because he kept looking for people similar to guy two to help him through. Guys like guy two would or could never help guy one. Guy one blamed guy two a little, but he never learned to start with number one. So he jumped off a bridge.

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