Saturday, April 11, 2015

Game Ball

Spike and Joey's team The Toughies were down by two points in an intense game of Game Ball. Everyone knows Game Ball. It's the country's most popular and often played sport!

Joey and Spike were determined, but the other team, The Bagels, were the toughest and meanest team in the league.

"We're the Game Ball bad boys, that's for sure." said The Bagels.
"C'mon let's cream those Bagels!" said Joey.
"We're never gonna beat these Bagels." said Spike.
"What, are you kidding? It's like you forgot the rules to Game Ball. Let's do this!" said Joey.
"Okay, you're right." said Spike

Then they ran out on the field and did their pre-half-time dance.

"Now the game will begin!" said the Rule Boss, who honked his whistle, and wore striped underwear.

Spike and Joey patted each other's buns and ran to the center of the field. Then they summersaulted to the corner of the court.
"Pass me the hike!" said Spike.
"Not until you hoop it." said Joey
"I can't hoop it until we reach the third first down." said Spike.
"We can't get first first down until the inning reaches half point." said Joey.
"Shoot!" said Spike.
"Don't get mad about it!" said Joey.
"No, I'm saying shoot the point!!" said Spike.
"Oh yes, of course, hehe, it's like I forgot the rules of Game Ball." said Joey, giggling.
"Maybe we should try a single play." said Spike.
"Maybe we can try a triple play?!" said Joey.
"Ahh, it's too risky at this point in the game." said Spike.
"If only we had the other team's rule book." lamented Joey.

Just then one of the team members of The Bagels ran up.

"Hey you two, I'm Horace and I don't wanna be on The Bagels anymore. I like your team The Toughies, I'm wanting to do a Team Switch." said the player.
"You wanna pull a Team Switch here and now?" said Spike.
"Sure do. It's my right, as a player of Game Ball." said Horace.
"Spike, if we let Horace on the team, then he can tell us the other team's rule book!" said Joey.
"Don't tell me till after the game, I wanna be surprised!" said Spike.

Just then the team captain of The Bagels fell into the sand ditch and their human pyramid huddle collapsed so they all got disqualified!

It was still time for the talent portion of the game though. Spike tap-danced, Joey did a magic trick with cards, and Horace made his hair stand up with a staticky balloon while lip synching a popular song. They all won a ribbon and the Game Ball industry flourished with advertiser money.

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