Thursday, April 23, 2015

Big Guido the Ball Player

Big Guido the Ball Player went up to bat at the game and he was all psyched because he was cocky. Then he struck out.

"Eh this pitcher sucks." he said.
"The pitcher was good he struck you out." said Chahhley.
"No he wasn't no good." said Guido.
"Maybe you just no good at swingin'!" said Chahhhley.
"Ahh shattap." said Big Guido.

Big Guido was beat. He went home and looked in the mirror with his typical cocky expression. Then the expression morphed into disappointment.

"You're a los-ah!" said Guido.

Guido could only think in broad strokes, in black and white. He couldn't see the grey area, so he was very troubled. His dad was a black and white no grey area type of dad.

"Did you win or lose today?" dad would say when Guido came home.
"I lost."
"Then you're a los-ah!" said dad.
"Aw man." said Little Guido.

Another day Guido would come home as a kid.

"Did you win or lose?"
"I won." said Guido.
"My boy's a winna!" said dad.

Dad walked around telling everyone in the hood Guido's a winner. So that put a lot of pressure on Guido to keep winning. Dad was just trying to be proud though and he had that black and white type thinking, as I was mentioning before. But all the pumping up and bragging Guido's dad did made it difficult for Guido to grow. If he was always a winner he had no where to go but down.

"Boy, dat Guido's a loser." said the neighborhood when Guido would do grey area decent.

So Guido sat in bathroom looking in the mirror telling himself he's a loser. He started crying. Sobbing. He was comparing himself to people he saw as winners, cursing himself for not being winners like them.

Then his Fairy-God-Liberal-Self-Help-Mother appeared.
"What troubles you Guido?" she said.
"I'm a los-ahhh." said Guido.
"Have you tried therapy?" she said.
"What's 'at?" said Guido.
"Here, take this pamphlet I think it could help you." she said, handing him a pamphlet about cheap and easy places to get help with problems like Guido had.

Guido took it and gave it a read, he thought about trying it out.

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