Monday, April 13, 2015

The Grawggle

Henry Smudge was a stiff man who wore spectacles. He walked with tiny steps. He had a firmly squeezed bottom. It was a nervous walk. He was nervous because he was a control freak.
"Please don't touch that." he'd say when people touched his things he didn't want touched.

He didn't like chaos in any situation. He was a focused listener.
"Are you listening?" someone chatting would say.
"Yes keep going." he'd say curtly.

He walked into a daycare center. The children were running wild.
"This is madness." he said. Then left.
I don't know why he was in there anyway. He didn't have any kids.

Henry's focus was such that he could not speak with anyone whose attention was darting in many directions. He was chatting with Katherine, who was all over the place.
"So anyway, my mom, she was a great mom, she cooked when I was kid, um, she's coming to town, I'm excited, but nervous to show her around, she's overbearing, so overbearing that I would do anything for her growing up, like help her cook, what was I talking about? Oh yeah that she's coming to town and I'm gonna show her around, but where should I show her? Any suggestions? I'm thinking this seafood place--"
"Focus!" said Henry.

Henry kept a dark secret no one knew about. A secret that would be the explanation for his particular and sometimes abrasive behavior. Henry had this tiny little monster. He kept it in his pocket. It was pocket-sized. The monster's name was Grawggle.

Grawggle was terrifying. Upon initial glance you would think Grawggle was cute and looked friendly. But Grawggle was a mean monster that just looked cute. Grawggle was fuzzy, pastel, had big eyes, smiled and spoke in a high pitched giggle.
"Hehe everyone is going to find out you're worthless." said Grawggle.
"Hehe when you break eye contact everyone can see the pathetic insides of your soul, hehe." said Grawggle.

Maybe one or two of these wouldn't be so bad, all day everyday started to wear on Henry. Henry had also had Grawggle for so long it wasn't just as simple as getting rid of him. Or throwing Grawggle in the garbage. It was kind of like a serious relationship that is hard to get out of, or being in a cult, or have an abusive parent. You can't just walk away.

Also, turns out Grawggle wanted to eat kids, that's why he commanded Henry to walk into a daycare. Grawggle threatened to eat Henry's cute little niece. Henry felt he had to do what Grawggle said because of this threat. Grawggle was small, but he was also a monster and could move quickly, so maybe he could have eaten the niece. Better to play it safe.

One day they went to the Library, because Henry was a fast reader so he planned to read a couple of books in silence. There were also kids there that Grawggle was threatening to eat. Henry didn't want Grawggle to eat them.

"Hehe get closer to those kids so I can go trick em and make em think I'm fun to play with, then eat at some of them. Hehe." said Grawggle.
"No. I must read." said Henry.

Then Henry sat down in a chair and accidentally squished Grawggle in his pocket. It created a big wet stain on Henry's pants. Henry was horrified but after years of therapy realized it was the best thing that could have happened to him.

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