Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Sad Mob Whack

Mob Tommy said "Hey whack Joey." to Tino.
Tino said "I hate to do it cuz I love Joey, but you da boss, Mob Tommy."
"I hate t'ask you to do it cuz I love Joey too, Tino." said Tommy.
"Then why we gotta do it?"
"Cuz it gotta be done!"
"Ah, so if we don't do it t'im, he's gonna do it t'us, s'at what ya sayin?"
"Yeah dat s'what'um'sayin'!" said Mob Tommy.
"Okay I'm gonna go whack Joey, but I'm tellin' ya it's gonna be hard to fuhgedabout." said Tino.
"Oh, trust me and believe me. I'm gonna fuhgedabout this any time soon." said Mob Tommy.

Tino called Joey up on the phone.
"Hey Joey wanna go to the zoo?" said Tino.
"Yeah hey I love da zoo you never wanna go to da zoo." said Joey
"Let's go da zoo." said Tino.

Then Tino went to the zoo with Joey and whacked him the zoo bathroom. Tino went back and told Mob Tommy the job was done.

Mob Tommy was sad. Tino was sad too.
"This stinks." said Tino.
"Tell me 'abatit!" said Mob Tommy.
"I wish this was something I could fuhgetabout." said Tino.
"Man I really liked Joey. He was like family."
"Too bad it had to be done." said Tino.

They were both real sad about whacking Joey. They decided to make a big pot of sad spaghetti with their mom's special family sauce recipe. They sat and ate so so much spaghetti to try to drown away the sad feeling they had about whacking Joey. It was some real emotional eating. It kind of worked for a minute but they were still sad.

"I feel so full." said Mob Tommy.
"Cannoli." said Tino.
"I guess I got room for cannoli." said Mob Tommy.

Tino gave Mob Tommy a sad cannoli. Just as Mob Tommy was about to bite into it he stopped.
"You put a knife in'is cannoli?"
"No." said Tino.
"Oh. Sorry, I suddenly felt like I didn't 'ave no one'a trust!" said Mob Tommy.
"I know how you feel." said Tino, "You want me take a bite of it first?" he offered.
"...Nah, screwit." said Mob Tommy, and he took a bite of the cannoli.

Nothing bad happened. He just ate the cannoli with Tino. They were still sad about their dead friend they whacked and paranoid that someone was gonna whack them.

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