Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Glob of Goop

The Glob of Goop sat on the counter with the rest of the Gunk.

"Guhhh, we're Gunk." said the Gunk.
"I'm a Glob of Goop." said the Glob.
"Goop ain't as cool as Gunk!" said the Gunk.
"Well I ain't one to argue I'm just a Glob of Goop." said the Glob.

Then person whose counter it was came and haphazardly wiped the counter with a rotten rag. The Gunk was gone.

"I guess that guy was pretty cool. Now he's gone on the bigger better things. I'm still sitting here." said the Glob of Goop.

The Glob of Goop sat there for a while. He stayed gooey for a while too. The person whose counter it was didn't even notice.

"Like, hey man. I'm gonna eat a Dorito and scratch my undies for a while while I watch this DVD of my favorite cartoon. Sound groovy to you?" said the person whose counter it was.
"You drive me up the wall sometimes." said the lady who sometimes came over.

Then the lady walked out the door and slammed the door shut.
"Wonder what that was like, all about, man." said the person whose counter it was.

He sat on his couch for a while and watched his favorite cartoon.
"Hehehe. Hehehe! Eh, uh-heh heh heh!" he said while watching them.

The Glob of Goop sat there listening to the whole thing. No one wiped the Glob of Goop up. He felt very left out. He wondered if a roach would come visit him. He sat and waited for a while. He started to get less gooey. He started to dry. He became crusty and flakey. Dry little bubbles of air crusted underneath him. He became a piece of stuck crust flake on the counter. He sat there even longer.

One day the owner of the counter stood by the counter and vomited in the sink. Then he urinated in it. Then he ran the water for a little and stuff there. He ran the garbage disposal as well. As he stood there he glanced over to the flakey crust that was once the Glob of Goop. He scraped it off with his fingernail and flicked through the air.

The former Glob of Goop was on it's way.

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