Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spaceman Babe Hunt

The Spaceman came to Earth and was sniffing around for babes.
"Must find hot babes." said the Spaceman.

A babe in a skirt walked by. A babe in overalls walked by. A babe workin' construction walked by. A babe with a big face walked by. A babe with big feet walked by. A babe with tiny hands and long elbows walked by. A babe with long long armpit hair walked by.

This was Spaceman's favorite, the armpit hair one.

"He found one." said his Spaceman coworkers in the ship the Spaceman came from. They could see everything the Spaceman could, out of his helmet.
"I found you, babe." he said to a babe.
"Yo, who me?" said the armpit hair babe.
"Yep." he said.

All the Spacemen in the ship cheered because they would be able to eat her long armpit hair. The Spaceman transported the two of them to his ship. The Spacemen explained they wanted to eat her armpit hair.

"No, you can't have it." said the armpit hair babe.
"Awww man, now what?" said the Spacemen.
"Now you gotta take me home."
"Didn't you think we had some good chemistry though?" said the main Spaceman who found her.
"I'm out of your league, I'll be honest. I get all kinds of folks chasing me and I'm naturally someone who has a magnetic chemistry with lots of people." said armpit hair babe.
"Hey, you can't fault me for being excited by you then."
"It's true."

Armpit babe got dropped off on Earth. A meathead dude walked by.
"Ew cut your pit hair, babe!" said the meathead dude.

Then the Spaceman zapped him and he turned into cream.
"Aw no you didn't have to do that." said armpit hair babe.
"I did it so you'd remember me." said Spaceman.
"Aw that's sweet." said armpit hair.
"Yeah, I'll miss you." said Spaceman.

Then armpit hair went and shoplifted some scarves and gloves. She was an Aquarius, so...

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