Thursday, April 30, 2015

Martha's Tight Pants

Martha had on tight pants and Ploodo was driving by in his car.

"Oh dang that looks like Martha, wow! Look at those tight pants it's like she don't got no pants on." said Ploodo.

Then Ploodo wasn't looking and crashed his car into Fernando's car. Fernando got out of his car. He was mad.

"Damnit! Ploodo what were you thinking? You hit my car and could have killed something." said Fernando.
"I couldn't help it. Look Martha has tight pants." said Ploodo.
"Oh no, wow!" said Fernando.

Then Fernando became transfixed by Martha's tight pants. Then Fernando's car rolled away. Then it hit a hot dog stand and hot dogs went flying everywhere high into the sky. It looked like it was raining hot dogs.

The hot dogs went so high that one of them landed in Soggy Susie's taco that she'd purchased from the adjacent taco stand. She was about to take a bite of it then a hot dog landed in it.

"Hey! I ordered taco not hot dog taco! I'm not gonna pay now." said Soggy Susie.
"You gotta pay cuz I gave you what you asked for!" said taco stand guy.
"No!" said Susie.

Then the hot dog stand rolled and hit the taco stand. Then the taco stand guy was like hey I don't want this hot dog stand! But the taco stand was rolling away too and he chased it.

"Come back!" he said.

It was a small town so everyone knew each other and had slept with each other when they were younger. Then the Mayor Boss showed up.

"Hey this is cuckoo, who is gonna stop this madness stuff and do that right thing?"
"It's not my fault!" said everyone, but Martha, as stuff was rolling away and crashing into stuff.

Then everyone turned and looked at Martha with her tight pants.

"Martha it's all your fault!" said everyone.
"Sorry I like my butt guys!" said Martha, as she winked.
"Awww too bad, but she's right." said the Mayor Boss.

And Martha winked and walked away in her tight pants.

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